Synergy effects of magnetic silica nanostructures can be established considering the magnetic properties of the transition metal oxides, and the suitable chemical functionalization of the silica, its porosity, biocompatibility and reduced toxicity.

Endocytosis (in b, c and d) of magnetic silica nanoparticles (ACS Nano (2012), 6, 747-759).


Local heating based on hyperthermia and other triggering effects for a time-space controlled drug delivery using this type of nanostructures offers very promising routes, as relying on their improved magnetic-based performance and favored internalization process into cells.

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Illustration (Salgueiriño and Spuch copyright) about the possibilities of local heating using clusters of magnetic nanoparticles (Chem. Eur. J. (2016), 22, 6666-6675).