87. Tuning the Drug Multimodal Release through a Co-Assembly Strategy based on Magnetic Gels

Sergio R. S. Veloso, Ecem Tiryaki, Carlos Spuch, Loic Hilliou, C. O. Amorim, V. S. Amaral, Paulo J. G. Coutinho, Paula M. T. Ferreira, Verónica Salgueiriño, Miguel A. Correa-Duarte and Elisabete M. S. Castanheira

Nanoscale (2022), in press (DOI: 10.1039/d1nr08158f).

Self-assembled short peptide-based gels as drug delivery systems require the implementation of a stimulus to modulate the release of doxorubicin, through the interplay of (di)phenylalanine-coated magnetic nanoparticles, PEGylated liposomes and the doxorubicin co-assembly.

The integration of the liposomes as doxorubicin storage units and of magnetic nanoparticles within the gel matrix enable the tuneability of both passive and active doxorubicin release through a thermal, low-frequency alternating magnetic field-based trigger.

 52 Nanoscale